OPEN Membership Scheme

The Public & Patient Engagement Team (PPE) of Barnsley CCG are ensuring public & patient engagement is at the heart of its activities, and should be embedded within the culture of NHS Barnsley and views of all patients, members of the public and service users are equally valued.

The 'OPEN membership scheme' aim is:

  • to strengthen mechanisms for using patient experience
  • committed to ensuring high quality and sustainable health care services are designed
  • to ensure members of the public have a real voice and that views, comments are included in the overall decision making process.

By becoming an 'OPEN member' this would provide an opportunity to make a difference to local health services and have a voice in the planning of local services. Within the scheme we have developed three levels of membership depending on how involved the member wants to be:-

  • Level 1 - I would like to receive regular newsletter from NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • Level 2 - As Level 1, I would like to be asked for my views and opinions on local health services via surveys
  • Level 3 - As Level 1& 2, I would like to be invited to be involved in discussions around my chosen area of interest

Members of the public can complete the membership form by visiting

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