Diabetes is a common condition and is becoming more common. It occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin to regulate the level of sugar in the blood.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes are: thirst, needing to pass urine more frequently, tiredness, recurrent infections and unexplained weight loss. If you have any of these symptoms please make an appointment with a nurse or a doctor for a check up. Risk factors for diabetes include being overweight, not taking enough exercise and a family history of diabetes.

In our practice we hold weekly diabetes clinics by appointment. Sr Claire Caine and Dr Wastling run the diabetic clinics - all have a special interest in diabetes and aim to deliver good quality care and advice.

We run in-house eye checks once a year for our patients with diabetes to look for early signs of damage, and also yearly foot checks within the practice to look for early signs of ulcers and to look at the function of the nerves in the feet.

We have good links to the diabetic specialist nurses.

Further information relating to diabetes can be found at www.diabetes.org.uk, a charity for people with diabetes.