Care Navigation

Care Navigation is a service for older people with a long-term health condition such as Alzheimers disease, chronic lung disease, heart disease etc.

If you choose to be supported by a Care Navigator they will be available to guide you and your family through the health and social care system. The Care Navigator will help you and your family to engage with decisions about care and treatment. They can also assist you to find out what voluntary and local services are available. Through Care Navigation you will be able to access the level and type of care that you want.

Care Navigators are there to provide support even if you don't think you need help now. Your Care Navigator can help you find out what is available and how long it takes to arrange. Then when you sense you are going to need help, you can agree to start the process in good time. As the situation changes you can work with your Care Navigator to review your needs.

Your Care Navigator can provide general health advice e.g. about memory issues, continence, diet, keeping safe and avoiding falls, and arrange assessments for equipment such as a commode, walking frame or hand rails. They can organise mediation aids such as the nomad system, or refer you to the memory services. The Care Navigator can provide the relevant contact details or liaise on your behalf if required.

You can get in touch with a Care Navigator by self referral or through the surgery.