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A Message to our Patient's

For the past 20 months the whole team at Walderslade have been working extremely hard in the most difficult circumstances to make a large contribution to the COVID vaccination campaign. We continue to have a big involvement in supporting and delivering the Covid vaccination programme. This is a huge challenge for a team that is already exhausted and is being hit by the same illness and COVID impact as the rest of the nation.

We continue to request your kindness, respect and understanding for the team working incredibly hard within our practice to help as many people as possible.

Our practice is open, and it is important that you continue to put your health first and seek urgent medical help when you need it. You may find that our phonelines are overwhelmed by the volume of calls we are receiving and it is more difficult than usual to reach us so we kindly ask you to only ring the surgery when it is essential. We have tried our utmost to continue to care for you and your loved ones through challenging circumstances, but winter has always seen a lot more illness and higher demand for services. COVID has made it even harder and the ongoing booster campaign makes it impossible for us to maintain normal services.

We do understand that this may be worrying for you and we will do our very best to meet our patient needs but there may be times, in the extreme circumstances we are now in, that we must prioritise those in greatest need.

If you need routine care and your condition is stable, we may need to be delay check-ups for a while, but if you do feel your condition has worsened and is causing you great concern please do contact the practice.

Many calls we get are for minor illnesses which are self-limiting and do not need clinical intervention. Before contacting the practice, please do consider self-help and pharmacy options, these may well be much quicker to give you with the help you need.

Thank you


If we have any upcoming closure dates, you can view them via this link. 


If we have any upcoming closure dates, you can view them via this link. 

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