Clinics We Offer


For patients taking the blood thinning drug Warfarin, we offer in house testing with a finger prick monitor; this enables instant results and dose adjustments without having to wait for results to come back from the hospital labs.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic disease management clinics monitor patients with health problems including Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Heart Failure, COPD and Asthma.

These are run by our Nurse Practitioner who offers regular checks on blood pressure, blood tests such as cholesterol, and breathing tests. The purpose of these clinics is to ensure that all our patients receive the best quality care as defined by the latest guidelines.


In our practice we hold weekly diabetes clinics by appointment. Sr Claire Caine and Dr Wastling run the diabetic clinics - all have a special interest in diabetes and aim to deliver good quality care and advice.

We run in-house eye checks once a year for our patients with diabetes to look for early signs of damage, and also yearly foot checks within the practice to look for early signs of ulcers and to look at the function of the nerves in the feet.

We have good links to the diabetic specialist nurses.

Further information relating to diabetes can be found at, a charity for people with diabetes.

Supportive End of Life Care

We work as a team of GPs with district nurses, community matrons and Macmillan nurses, helping people to make the best choices about the care they want, whether it be at home or in a Hospice. We have access to nursing support at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The death of a loved one can be an emotional time and we continue to provide bereavement support to families afterwards.

Exercise on Prescription

It has long been recognised that one of the keys to a healthy life is regular exercise.

One of the barriers to taking regular exercise is often the cost, so we are pleased to be able to offer patients a referral scheme which allows a fixed number of free gym sessions, with advice from trained fitness instructors.

If you have a health problem that may be improved by taking more exercise, for example high blood pressure, diabetes, being overweight, arthritis, depression etc, then please ask about a referral to this scheme.

Psychological Therapies

The practice has access to a number of different types of "talking therapies".

These practitioners can offer appointments at the surgery for counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and other types of therapy to address a number of psychological issues.

We can also offer "computerised cognitive behavioural therapy" which is a free internet based course to help patients overcome symptoms of depression, designed to be used alongside a support worker. For more information go to

Shared Care for Substance Misuse

This service provides comprehensive assessments for people with substance misuse problems at their own GP practice.

We provide medical interventions including detoxification and substitute prescribing for people with drug/alcohol problems. These can be completed at the patient's home address or in a clinic setting at their own GP practice.

The GP and specialist nurse monitor individual substance misuse problems including screening and vaccinations for Blood Borne Virus and health advice, GP prescribing and harm minimisation.

The shared care team consists of RMN and RGN trained nurses who work closely with the GPs doctor and Dr Farmer at this practice. We also provide links to other support services including: counselling, structure day care, housing, employment and training etc.

Smoking Cessation Advice

We have had great success with helping patients to stop smoking. If you would like to quit, please ask for an appointment with one of our trained smoking cessation advisors.

Weight Loss

Our practice nurses can offer diet advice, referral to specialist dieticians (who run clinics at the surgery) and prescription medication where appropriate.


Specialist Areas

  • Minor surgery - provided by Dr Ibrahimi
  • Depo-Provera (contraceptive injection) - provided by Practice Nurse
  • Nexplanon (contraceptive implant) - provided by Dr Wastling and Dr Taylor
  • Insertion of IUCD (coils for contraception) - provided by Dr Wastling and Dr Taylor
  • Depo-Medrone (joint injections) - provided by Dr Farmer, Dr Ward and Dr Allan